Our Story

Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. started early one morning in April of 2000 on the wood stove of a remote Alaska cabin. While celebrating our first anniversary, we woke to find sea salt forming on the surface of a pan of sea water we'd left on the wood stove overnight. We were intrigued.

Every April, we return to the same wilderness cabin and make "anniversary" salt for use in our kitchen. This simple culinary find ignited a passion in both of us to learn more about great food and artisanal ingredients.

In 2005 we got serious. We had a dream to produce North America's first flake style sea salt. The process brought out the science nerd in Jim as he tenaciously tried to create the perfect pyramidal flake, and the chef wannabe in Darcy as she experimented with flavors and infusions. It didn't happen fast, and it wasn't easy. Over the course of 6 years, we carried thousands of heavy water jugs up steep harbor ramps, considered marriage counseling several times, and had to replace a rusted out stainless steel range hood. Happily, this eventually lead to a refined product that we are proud to share with others.

In 2008, we began supplying salt to some of the nation's best chefs and now it is available to you. Alaska Pure Sea Salt is created with a passion for great food, wild places, pristine water, and of course, each other. We hope you enjoy our salt with as much enthusiasm as we have for producing it. 

Jim and Darcy Michener